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Snake Brothers

so me and my homie Naven used to be a two man crew called Da Snake Brothers. we was da toughest gangstas in da neighborhood. we even gotted rub on snake tattoos on our arms. everyone was scared of us and all da ladies wanted us, even da ones dat weren't fat. we used to terrorize da neighborhood, like we would throw poop at kids who were different, and we would scream at old people until they cried. like i said, everyone was scared of us.

then dis new crew came up frum da north side. they called themselves "Da Clamp Stamp Charlies" because their trademark was to clamp people with...clamps or something. anyway they tried to get on our turf. so we gotted into a fight and they won. our reputation was ruined. Naven quit being a snake brother, and i was da lone snake. i was so angry at Naven dat i went to his house and smeared poop on his windows. he thought he was too cool to be a snake brother because he had a girlfriend. GIRLFRIENDS ARE FOR SISSIES! BROS BEFORE HOES!!

da moral of dis story is dat if u ain't down with da town, den get out. and also, NAVEN is da stupidest name ever. DA END