Tuesday, April 6, 2010

miss piggy

i know now i dont want y'all to judge me, cos i be a decent person. but when i was kid and i used to watch da muppets (da real muppets, not dat piece of crap baby show), i used to get hard whenever miss piggy came on.

i still do to dis day. i fantasize dat i be kermit da frog. and im like all busy in da office writing muppets shows, and miss piggy comes in. she's all like "oooh kermy lets do it on da copy machine" and i'm like "DARNIT WOMAN CAN'T YOU SEE I'M WRITING MY SHOW HERE". cos you know kermit wants it from her.

you see, i think dat since kermit comes from a frog family, his parents would disown him if he porked miss piggy. cos frogs are racist. but in my fantasy, i'm kermit and i'm like "alright jus dis one time, but if anyone finds out...i'm in deap doo doo". then i would do her on da copy machine.

dis would be a good muppets episode, cos it would reflect on inter spiecies love or somethin. and it would teach snot nosed kids some lesson.

plus i wanna do miss piggy.

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