Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Abraham Lincoln essay

So my stupid teacher is making me do a Abraham Lincoln report for History class. She says if i don't do it, she gonna hold me back again. i usually dont even bother doin stupid homework, but if i get held back again everybody gonna make fun of me. so i thought i would post my essay before i hand it in, to see if y'all could gimme some feedback:

Abraham Lincoln

An Essay By MC Gee Gee

So once there was Abraham Lincoln. he started out as a baby, and then he became a kid. when he was a kid he chopped down a tree and said "i cannot tell a lie". and he couldn't tell a lie. he didn't lie ever, and he did lots of book readin. he even knew math.

then when he gotted older, George Washington gotted tired of being president. So Washington asked Licoln to be da president and he said "yes i can be president". so he became da president. then he invented da penny, and he said "four score and seven years ago". he also did lots of other stuff, and he had a big top hat dat everyone kept stealing frum him, but he always gotted it back because he was president.

licoln was president for many years, and he gotted old. when he gotted old, he gotted cancer. he fought hard to fight it, but his cancer just laughed at him and killed him. dis happened before there was television, in the fifties. then he died and bill clinton became president later, and bill clinton had sex with that fat chick. oh yea, and Lincoln also said "we hold these truths to be self evident" which was important.

The End.

MAN I HATE DOIN ESSAYS! pleese, all you nerds, help me out wit my essay. i appreciate it.

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