Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Man I was tellin my homie Jeromy about how much of a bitch my older sister can be. He told me she was probly on her period. I asked him what a period was and I was shocked. Apperantly, when females get mad, they bleed from their vagina fo no reason!! DAMN!! DATS NASTY!!! So my sister came into my room cos i stole her underwear and i was gonna sell it at school. But I made sure to put a bucket under her so dat her vagina didn't drip blood on my carpet. DEN I KICKED HER IN DA SHINS!!! BAR HAR HAR HAR!! When my mom yelled at me I told her and my sister to make my dinner and have their periods together!! BAR HAR HAR!! I GOTTED GROUNDED FO A WEEK BUT IT WAS FUNNY!!!

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