Sunday, June 28, 2009

marriage is for suckas

get married, settle down, and have kids...


think about it. once you get married you cant pork whoever or whatever you want. u gotta stay home and pork da same woman every single night. then she gets tired of it, and wants to put new curtains on da windows. or she wants to put a new carpet in da living room.

I HATE DAT BORING CRAP! i couldn't even pretend to be interested in curtains or decorating a house. JUST COOK ME DINNER! and then da older you get, all you eat is meatloaf and stuff. u cant just be married and have mcdonalds!!

and when u get married u have to listen to your wife talk about stuff. I DONT WANNA HEAR DAT! talking about paying bills and stuff. I JUST WANTED TO PORK YOU NOT SPEND MY WHOLE LIFE TALKING ABOUT WIENER BULL CRAP!

then da next step is to have kids. SNOT NOSED BRATTY KIDS! u already have your wife asking for shopping money! now you gotta pay for your kid's stupid poop filled diapers. BUY YOUR OWN DIAPERS YOU PIECE OF GARBAGE! babies cant talk, they can't walk, they just lie around being useless. WE NEED LESS BABIES IN DIS COUNTRY!! then they get older and they want all kinds of stupid crap! like toys and an education!

if i ever had kids, i wouldn't even want them to do homework! dat stupid crap is stupid! i would tell them to stay home frum school and plow da fields! or to clean my toilet after burrito night!

so don't be a sucka. dont get married. just pork da girl and leave!!!


MC Gee Gee

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