Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jordan paranoid!!!

World reknowned basketball star Michael Jordan has recently expressed fear over his impending death. "I mean, first Michael Jackson died. We both are MJ. And we both have the same first name. It has me very worried" said Jordan.

Jordan also said that he has been seeing crazy visions, such as basketballs coming to life with razor sharp teeth, and Looney Tunes characters warning him of "the coming". "I mean, me and Bugs Bunny were friends when we did SPACE JAM. but when he came to my house last night, he looked like a zombie" said Jordan, who has become huge and fat since his retirement.

Jordan also said "I just want all the monsters to know that i'm not scared. not only do i know karate, but i AM mortal kombat. If Freddy Krueger wants to see me, he better be ready. because i know all of the fatalities". Then he whipped out a Sega Genesis controller, with the box to the game Mortal Kombat 2.

Hours after this interview, Michael Jordan was spotted in his front yard dressed as batman fighting off imaginary monsters with a broom. He was, however, not wearing pants.

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