Monday, June 8, 2009

Super soaker fun

man i had fun today. so my grandmother had her 80th birthday. and da whole family was together in my backyard. they was all eating buffalo wings and drinking beers. i just stayed in my room, while my stupid nerdy cousin kept asking me if i wanted to have a catch. "WHY DON'T YOU CATCH MY BALLZ?" i would scream at him. "come on, lets have some fun" he would say. so i gotted an idea. all my family members in one place at one time? TIME TO GRAB MY SUPERSOAKER. so i got out my HUGE supersoaker and i pulled my pants down. "Hold my wiener for a second" i yelled at my cousin. as he held my wiener, i slowly peed into da fuel cartridge of da supersoaker. then when i had enuff pee to fill up da supersoaker, i went into my backyard. seconds later, more den 20 of my family members was covered in my wee wee. they were mad cos they were all wet, but when they found out it was my pee, they gotted REALLY mad. my grandmother came up to me and said "you've ruined what could be my last birthday". so i tried to spray her wit da supersoaker, but it was all out of pee. so i went and found a dog turd and hurled it at her old wrinkled face. "TAKE DAT YOU OLD DAME!" i yelled. she started crying and i was sent to my room. DA END!

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