Thursday, June 25, 2009

my rap career

my long hard road down da rap world has been long and hard. i furst fell in love with rap when i was 3 and i heard dr. dre's "The Chronic". around dis time, i also fell in love wit poop jokes. i knew when i learned how to spell, i would start writing rhymes. when i turned 9 years old and i finally learned how to spell, i wrote my first rap "da poop gonna plop":

yo yo yo yo

don't you know know know

i got flow flow flow flow

im not a hoe hoe hoe hoe

and i'm gonna poop on you

dat was my first rhyme. since then i have pioneered my own style of rap called POOP RAP. when i formed my rap group DA EXPLOSIONS everyone was hesitant about rhyming about bodily functions. but i told them dat with time, we would change da rap game. we started to get some attention, and Detroit rapper Esham even gave me a shout out on one of his songs (it's at da :36 mark):

with this shout out people began to ask "who is dis gee gee guy?". we eventually signed a deal with Universal records. however when the ceo of da company heard our raps, he gotted furious and threw us out. he said that his son signed us as a joke. since then we haven't gotten a record deal. so we started our own label "Da Explosions Records".

when i look at rappers out in da world now, i can tell they have been inspired by me. at least, when soulja boy takes a dump, he probably thinking "i should rap about this like MC Gee Gee does".

thank you everyone for da hard earned respect!!

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