Wednesday, February 24, 2010

jerhova witness

so i was walking around my neighborhood looking for worms and crap to throw at my sister, when dis guy in a tie comes up to me. some pale faced blonde haired wiener. and he says "have u been saved?" and i was like "i saved a big mac last week and its still in my room and i gonna eat it". he just looked at me like i was an alien or something.

then he started talking about god and stuff. i was like "if there was a god, i would be riding in a limo wit gold rim tires, and i would be porking ten fat chicks at da same time, and nerds would be sent to prison". then he said dat sex is a sacred thing that should be saved for marriage. i said "yea sex is a sacred thing for my ding a ling!"

oh yea! then i said "if there was a god, he would take dumps SOOOO big dat da whole universe would be covered in turdy doomsday". then he just looked down on da ground, walked over to dis trash can, and threw his bible out.

i hear dat he was arrested for crack possesion or something a week later.

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