Thursday, February 25, 2010

nurse hospital doctor shows

dis post is about how angry i get dat every single stinking night they be playing STUPID HOSPITAL NURSE DOCTOR SHOWS! shows where its women nurses whining to their husbands or arguing with patient's parents. WHO DA HELL WANTS TO SEE DAT CRAP? NO BODY! i hate hospitals. hospitals are boring and they gots all these sick old people in dem, with tubes going in their noses and stuff. and da food smells like poo poo and doo doo. i know cos i had to stay in a hospital to visit my dying grandma. and she ordered spaghetti and it came up and looked more like poopsghetti. then i had to watch my ugly old granma try to eat it. it made me sick watching her shove dat crap into her wrinkled, drool dribbling mouth. she was so weak dat she dropped da spaghetti and it gotted on her shirt. two days later she died.

grays anatomy



nurse jackie

private practice


gah my sister loves these shows cos she in nursing school. whenever she watches it on tv i go and unplug da tv and throw da remote out da window. NUFF SAID!

so, in conclusion, take dat crap off da airwaves or i'm gonna get REALLY mad.

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