Sunday, February 28, 2010

tiger woods did what was right

i'm tired of everyone bad mouthing tiger woods. not only did he do da right thing, but he is a hero cos he porked all those chicks. so what he cheated on his wife? its obvious he was gettin tired of her and she wasn't putting out enuff. she deserved it. and everyone says "well what about da kids" and i say FUCK THOSE STUPID KIDS! little brats should be more concerned with becoming great golfers like their dad.

and did u see all those chicks tiger porked? MAN! THEY WAS ALL HOT! tiger's wife is hot too, but he probly gotted tired of her after he did her five times. dis is her fault for not pleasing her famous husband enuff. tiger should have cheated on her, video taped it, and showed da videotape to her. like "dis is why i cheat on you cos you ain't doing what dis chick did to me last night". she should write it down so she gets it right.

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