Sunday, March 7, 2010

great danes

great danes are awesome! have you seen how big they are? they ain't even dogs, they dinosaurs! DATS FRICKIN AWESOME!!! can you imagine how big their poops are? bar har har har! their poops are probly da same size as my house cat. BAR AHR ARHAR HAR AHRAH RARH!!

i wanna get a great dane but my moms won't let me. STUPID HOOKER! i can't stand her. we gots dis little terrier, dis little piece of loud garbage. da dog couldn't kill a fly dat was resting on his walnut sized dump.

when i become a grown up, i'm gonna buy 5 great danes, and i ain't gonna train em, so they become da biggest, loudest, most obnoxious raptors dat ever existed. then when my uncle larry is released frum prison, he won't be able to touch me again. now with my great danes around.

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