Friday, March 5, 2010

i hate snow!!

i hate dis freaking snow! makes me SOOO MAD! buncha cold frozen water. We just had a huge snowstorm recently, and they cancelled school. SWEET! so i was just planning on enjoying my days off. i was gonna watch TV without my pants on. BUT NO! my moms makes me shovel for da neighbors. FOR MY OLD NEIGHBORS!!

now u all know how much i be hating dem old people. so i'm shoveling dis old lady's driveway, and she keeps staring at me through da window. like she wants to pork me or something. i gotted so mad at her staring at me through her window, dat i threw my shovel at her. DAT SCARED DA CRAP OUT OF HER! then i took a wee wee on her lawn, and i made it spell BAR HAR HAR! i wish i had taken a picture. she came out and was like "you didn't finish shovelin my driveway" and i said "awww who cares you old useless crap! you'll probly die in two weeks anyway!"

i was so mad. then i seen dese little kids making a snowman. i was so mad dat they were enjoying da snow. so i went over and smashed their snowman. totally smashed it. they were so upset they started crying like little wieners. i put my hands on their shoulders and i said "one day, when you grow up, you can be a bully just like me". then i took their sled and threw it on da road and a car hit it.

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