Sunday, November 22, 2009

beer and wal-mart

BEER RULES! and so does WAL-MART! if you don't like it, then take a crap in your pants and eat it! YOU SUCKAS!!

i hate organic food and people who are into "green" stuff. waaaah! we need to save da environment. FORK DA ENVIRONMENT! WHEN'S DA LAST TIME DA ENVIRONMENT DID ANYTHING FOR ME????

oh no! we gots to save da polar caps cos da polar bears is gonna die and ice will melt. WHO CARES ABOUT ICE??? ice is for suckas. and who cares about polar bears? a polar bear never bought me a beer. and if i ever met a polar bear, it would probly kill me. OH THANKS! i should recycle to save a killer polar bear? WHO CARES ABOUT DA POLAR LAND? it's all cold there and i don't wanna live there.

I LITTER ALL DA TIME! because i'm lazy. I DON'T WANNA LOOK FOR A TRASH CAN WHEN I CAN'T FIND ONE! if i be in a park, and i just finished drinking a six pack, i'm gonna leave it on da stupid grass. GRASS IS STUPID!

and stop dissing wal-mart! i met my girlfriend Brenda at wal-mart, and i can get stuff there for cheap. IF U DON'T LIKE WAL-MART THEN YOU HATE AMERICA!!!

organic food? FORK DAT! I LIKE DEM CHEMICALS IN MY DORRITOS! so take your environment crap and SHOVE IT!

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