Monday, November 23, 2009

Gremlins 3

so i finally finished my script for da new gremlins sequel.


dis gon be da bestest gremlins yet. da movie takes place ten years after Gremlins 2, and Gizmo has become a washed out drunk. he feels guilt for having started all dat gremlin chaos in da last two movies.

there is even one scene where gizmo is at a bar, and he orders a whiskey, and da bartender is like "i think you've had enuff" and gizmo grabs his shirt and screams "I'LL TELL YOU WHEN I'VE HAD ENUFF!!".

then da gremlins appear because gizmo drinks water after having a hangover. and then da gremlins wreak havoc. they take over an amusement park.

dis gonna be an R rated gremlins movie though, and da gremlins are gonna rape people and mutilate themselves. in one scene a gremlin puts a knife to dis guys mouth and he says "you wanna know how i became a gremlin? my father gizmo was a drinker and a fiend. and then he gotted water on himself and i became a gremlin" and then da gremlin carves his face into a smile.

and there is also a gay scene where two male gremlins do it. and theres gonna be a scene where a gremlins takes a dump, but it's green instead of brown. BAR HAR HAR HAR AHR!!

at da end of da movie, Gizmo gives up and decides to join da gremlins in being an annoying monster and wreaking da havoc. da last shot of da movie has Gizmo looking at da camera, with an evil look on his face. and da camera slowly zooms into his eyes. and then he shoots himself.

i'm still waiting for da green light frum paramount.

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