Friday, November 20, 2009


i'm so tired of people thinking dat i'm a gimmick. dat i just rap about poop and fat chicks cos i think it's funny. there is a serious side to what i do! dat's why my production team is making a documentary about my life and strugges called "farts of redemption". dis documentary will make people cry and women wanna pork me.

there's a scene frum a gig we did last month, where we ran into a school library with stereo equipment and started rapping. it shows us battling da librarians who kicked us out, and one of da male librarians put me in a chokehold.

it shows me on da toilet writing raps, and i can't poop. it's a heartbreaking scene, cos i need to actually smell my poop to inspire lyrics. da scene is intense, and i start crying because i realize dat i won't poop.

it shows me having to deal with my stupid sister. it shows her talking on da phone and texting, and acting like a hooker. and it shows me throwing a dead bird on her dat i found in da road. it shows her crying and she talks about how she is in therapy cos of me, and i laff at her.

it shows me crying because my girlfriend brenda breaks up with me and throws a pan at me. it also shows her crying cos i keep calling her a tub of lard and throwing fried chicken at her face. and after i throw it at her, she cries and eats it.

there's lots of crying, because dis is me showing you fans what struggles happen behind da scenes. there is a quote on da screen before da documentary starts:

"Sometimes pooping out your demons is da bestest way to plop. Bar har har"

-MC Gee Gee

so please take some to watch dis documentary when it comes out, and gimme money for it.

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