Tuesday, November 17, 2009

dog turds vs cat turds

whats up you stupid idiots. today i was bored becos my cable connection broke so i couldn't watch spongebob squarepants. so i decided to try an experiment. i saw my neighbor taking his dog for a walk, and da dog pooped. so i ran over and grabbed da poop before da guy could pick it up with his bag. he was shook! he was like "hey...what?" and i said "its for an experiment!" so i went home and put da dog turd on my desk, and i took a cat turd frum my cat's litter box.

i did this so i could compare dog turds vs cat turds. da dog turd was bigger, and da scent was much stronger than da cat turd. also, while da dog's poop was sloppy and more wet, da cat turd had a fine shape to it. not sloppy. and da cat turd dried quicker than da dog turd.

pretend like i was wearing a lab coat, even though i wasn't. and pretend dat there were, like, test tubes and stuff.

dog poop wins because da material was just more gooder than da cat turd.

then i took da turds and put them under my sister's pillow. she woke da next morning with poop on her face! BAR HAR HAR! she was so mad dat she started crying. BAR HAR HAR! DATS WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING MY STUPID OLDER SISTER I GUESS!!

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